Train the Trainer


This class provides students with the education to become MSHA Part 48 Trainers. The final evaluation of the students’ abilities and knowledge will be forwarded to MSHA along with documents required by MSHA from the student to obtain MSHA certification (The Colorado School of Mines EMCIS cannot certify the trainers).  The documents required from the student include a certification of mining experience and certification of Instructional experience and training.

Target Audience:

  • Those who wish to become certified MSHA 48 trainers.


  • Develop the knowledge necessary to be a successful MSHA Part 48 trainer
  • Develop the skills required to teach MSHA Part 48 classes effectively


  • MSHA Training regulations
  • Completion and maintenance of records
  • Adult learning
  • Training styles
  • Developing training objectives
  • Developing training plans
  • Demonstration of training skills 


  • 3 days


  • EMCIS Main Office - CSM Training Room - 1600 Jackson St. Suite 160 B, Golden, CO 80401


  • $500.00


  • Please call the EMCIS office at (303)-384-2700 for registration information.

30 CFR 48.3 contains the requirements for becoming a certified instructor and states in part:

Instructors shall be approved by the District Manager in one or more of the following ways:

(1) Instructors shall take an instructor's training course conducted by the District Manager or given by persons designated by the District Manager to give such instruction; and instructors shall have satisfactorily completed a program of instruction approved by the Office of Educational Policy and Development, MSHA, in the subject matter to be taught.

(2) Instructors may be designated by MSHA as approved instructors to teach specific courses based on written evidence of the instructors' qualifications and teaching experience.

(3) At the discretion of the District Manager, instructors may be designated by MSHA as approved instructors to teach specific courses based on the performance of the instructors while teaching classes monitored by MSHA. Operators shall indicate in the training plans submitted for approval whether they want to have instructors approved based on monitored performance. The District Manager shall consider such factors as the size of the mine, the number of employees, the mine safety record and remoteness from a training facility when determining whether instructor approval based on monitored performance is appropriate.

(4) On the effective date of this subpart A, cooperative instructors who have been designated by MSHA to teach MSHA approved courses and who have taught such courses within the 24 months prior to the effective date of this subpart shall be considered approved instructors for such courses.

(i) Instructors may have their approval revoked by MSHA for good cause which may include not teaching a course at least once every 24 months. Before any revocation is effective, the District Manager must send written reasons for revocation to the instructor and the instructor shall be given an opportunity to demonstrate or achieve compliance before the District Manager on the matter. A decision by the District Manager to revoke an instructor's approval may be appealed by the instructor to the Administrator for Coal Mine Safety and Health or Administrator for Metal and Non-metal Safety and Health, as appropriate, MSHA, 1100 Wilson Boulevard Room 2424 (Coal) or Room 2436 (Metal and Nonmetal), Arlington, Virginia 22209-3939. Such an appeal shall be submitted to the Administrator within 5 days of notification of the District Manager's decision. Upon revocation of an instructor's approval, the District Manager shall immediately notify operators who use the instructor for training.


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