Ergonomics Awareness Training


Ergonomics and Risk Factor Awareness Training for Miners is a NIOSH mining web-based training package and can be found here

Ergonomics is about putting “people first.” It is a way to better match tools, equipment, and work methods with workers. The application of ergonomics should be practical. It should benefit workers through better task designs and work procedures. Increasing the awareness of mining personnel to the benefits of applying ergonomics allows both management and employees to work together gaining significant benefits for worker health. Research has shown that ergonomics is most successful when it is approached as a participatory process—management and employees working together to modify job tasks, including equipment, tools, environment, and methods. The first step toward achieving a participatory process is to give employees knowledge of ergonomics and how it can be used to align their jobs to their abilities.  

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Pre-made Ergonomics and Risk Factor Awareness Training presentations can be found here in two parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Download and extract the .zip file to your computer and you can manipulate and edit the presentations to fit your personal needs.


Ergonomics and Risk Factor Awareness for Instructors

The training is designed to give instructors sufficient information about ergonomics and risk factors to allow them to adequately present similar training to employees. It includes information that will allow the instructor to respond to questions regarding material included in training given to other employees. (Note - the Web format is recommended because it includes many videos and interactive exercises.)

Ergonomics and Risk Factor Awareness Training for InstructorsPDF versionText only version

Ergonomics and Risk Factor Awareness Training for Instructors in Web format


These newsletters can be used in conjunction with Ergonomics and Risk Factor Awareness Training to enhance mine workers' understanding of how ergonomics applies to mining tasks.


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