Kirk McDaniel


Mr. McDaniel is a registered professional mining engineer with 35 years of experience in underground mining and tunneling environments. His areas of expertise include, mine technology, design, safety, training, qualitative and quantitative risk analysis, project management. Mr. McDaniel holds BSc. and Master of Engineering Degrees in Mining Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and an MBA from Regis University. He is currently completing the requirements for a Ph.D. in Mining and Earth Systems Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines with an emphasis on the Fire Life Safety of tunnels. He is an internationally published author in the areas of underground ventilation, FLS, dust control and safety.


Collin Smith


          I am a currently Co-Director of the Energy, Mining and Construction Industry Safety Program (EMCIS) at the Colorado School of Mines Mining Engineering department, a position I assumed in May of 2016. My career to that point included increasingly responsible positions in the mining industry with responsibilities ranging from mine engineering, to quality control engineering and mine rescue training.  As Co-Director of the EMCIS program my responsibility is for the daily operations of the program ensuring that we meet the requirements of our grants for Mine Rescue and MSHA Part 48 training.


          Michelle Reiher


          I am a certified industrial hygienist with 18 years of health and safety experience in general industry and, most recently, the mining industry. At the Colorado School of Mines, I have developed and conducted health and safety training within the MSHA Part 48 New Miner and Annual Refresher Training and specialized health and safety courses for miners in the Western US.  My training focus has been on general industrial hygiene concepts, ergonomics, hearing conservation, particulate matter and respiratory protection, hazard communication, and confined spaces. In addition, I have developed and edited health and safety training materials such as ergonomic newsletters, brochures, manuscripts and presentations to better equip miners for hazards they may encounter during normal and emergency mining operations.  My previous experience in general industry includes working closely with all levels of the organization from upper management to individual contributors to gain support for and implement global health and safety programs. In addition, I managed the coordination of service delivery worldwide to insure compliance with global and country specific health and safety regulations, developed training programs,   conducted health and safety exposure sampling, performed hazard analyses and recommended risk mitigation for environments containing chemical, physical and ergonomic stressors.


         Bob Ferriter


         Mr. Ferriter has over 40 years of experience in mine safety and health.  Mr. Ferriter was the first Director of the Mine Safety and Health Program at the Colorado School of Mines, where he established funding channels and developed a comprehensive safety and health training program for the Western mining industry.  Prior to this position, Mr. Ferriter served as the Chief, Ground Support Division, MSHA Denver Safety and Health Technology Center. In this position, he directed and trained technical specialists (mining engineers, geologists and inspectors) engaged in evaluating mining plans and ground stability problems in both coal and non-coal mines throughout the US. He was also tasked with leading the investigations of major mining accidents (disasters) from 1985 thru 1997.


        Lee Martinez


        I am a highly motivated critical thinker. I have over 34 years of experience in Fire Service, 22 years of Command Experience and 8 years of training experience.  My Leadership degree emphasis is in Disaster Preparedness and Executive Fire Leadership. In my role as Training Division Captain         I was responsible for the development and delivery of trainings to line Firefighters in addition to the supervision of shift training officers.


      Clancy Harman


      Throughout my career, I have been able to take my degree in mining engineering degree and apply it to the safety and health aspects of the mining and tunneling industries. Specifically, my focus has been on research and implementation of modern practices for mine rescue and emergency response. With practical field experience on various industry mine rescue teams, I was able to take best practices from a variety of established programs back to the university to find ways to improve on these. In addition to mine emergency response, I deliver tunnel rescue courses for some of the largest underground excavation contractors in the world alongside fire departments that cover these tunnels. Looking forward, I hope to develop a more comprehensive training program for firefighting in subterranean environments based at the CSM Edgar Mine. 


      Korky Vault


      I am an experienced and progressive candidate with over 15 years of effective leadership in all aspects of staff training, environmental laboratory management, health and safety policies, risk mitigation, and project management, seeking to apply quality control excellence, advanced education, training and certification toall of my roles. •Diverse environmental laboratory experience ranging from bench work to quality control and health and safety, including National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP), NQA-1 (Nuclear Regulatory Quality Program), and USEPA Contract Laboratory Program (CLP). •Full lifecycle project management experience, with significant knowledge governmental regulations,compliance, health and safety initiatives, and environmental concerns across numerous industries.  •Significant knowledge of regulations relating to biological, hazardous materials and wastes, air, cultural, and other environmental resources as well as environmental inspection, sampling and data collection methods. •Extensive experience in adult learning principles, creation of training presentations, and training of miners and laboratory personnel in health and safety topics.


     Katherine Jennings

     During the pursuit of my degree in Mining Engineering I took an active role in the mine rescue team which helped me realize my passion for health and safety. After working for the EMCIS Program as a student, the opportunity arose to be brought on full time. I now assist with both New Miner and Annual Refresher trainings as part of my normal job duties. 




*A full list of instructor qualifications is available upon request




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