Effective Decision-Making: Training for Incident Command Centers and Mine Rescue Teams

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Effective Decision-Making: Training for Incident Command Centers and Mine Rescue Teams (Training Manual & Presentation)

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Making decisions is a critical component of any emergency response and the success of that response is dependent upon effective decisions being made in a timely manner. It is important that personnel involved in emergency responses have a thorough understanding of how decisions should be made, and the factors present during emergencies that can impact the effectiveness of the decisions. Decision-Making and Emergency Response Training was developed to provide information to mine rescue teams and personnel staffing an incident command center about how decisions are made and how decision-making is affected by emergency situations.
Design: This training consists of a PowerPoint presentation and is designed to be given as a single 60 to 90-minute training presentation. Included with the presentation are discussion points for the instructor, and several activities designed to demonstrate various decision-making principles. This training presentation concludes with a case study involving a mine rescue scenario. This training can be integrated with annual classroom training or it can be given as a stand-alone training session. The Emergency Management Institute IS 241, Decision Making and Problem Solving, served as the primary basis for this training. Other references used to develop this training presentation are included in the Reference section of the document.

Target Audience: This training has been designed for incident command center personnel and mine rescue teams. However, it can be easily adapted to emergency response personnel involved with other types of emergencies.

Training Topics: This training presents a simple model for decision-making, discusses approaches to making decisions, describes factors that occur during emergencies that affect decision-making and includes several exercises designed to practice the various steps in making decisions. Topics addressed include:

• Basics of Decision-Making - This topic presents a five-step model for problem-solving that incorporates decision-making at each step of the process.

• Approaches to Decision-Making - Four different approaches for making decisions are presented. Information that supports the use of a specific approach is discussed, along with obstacles that occur when decisions are made by groups rather than individuals. Attributes of good decision-makers are also presented.

• Decision-Making and Emergencies - Factors occurring during emergencies that affect decision-making, and how some of these factors impact the decision-maker are discussed. Additionally, the differences between an “ideal” decision environment and an “emergency” decision environment are presented.

Format: This training presentation was developed as a PowerPoint® file with Microsoft Office 2007 using a Microsoft® Windows Vista® operating system. The file formats for this presentation include Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Office 1997-2003.




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