Searchable Mining Fatality Database

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Searchable Mining Fatality Database

The MSHA Fatality Report Database is a spreadsheet that is designed as a resource to safety professionals looking for a way to improve their accident prevention training. The database contains fatality reports and fatalgrams of all the fatalities in the mining industry for the past 5 years, as well as a listing of all the data surrounding the accident. Microsoft Excel and Adobe Reader software is required to utilize the database.

After use, it would be of great benefit to us and users down the line if you would fill out our questionnaire and give us feedback on the database. Thank you.

To get started using the database:

-Download the zipped folder here: MSHA Fatality Report Database 2006-2016

-Unzip it

-Open the MSHA Fatality Report Database Tutorial to begin.

The Zipped Folder Contains the Following:

MSHA Fatality Report Database 2006-2016

-Folder containing a spreadsheet, fatality reports, and fatalgrams.

MSHA Fatality Report Database Tutorial

- A step by step guide to operating the spreadsheet.

MSHA Fatality Report Description

- An in-depth description of the values contained in the database.

MSHA Fatality Report Questionnaire

- A response questionnaire designed to provide us feedback so we can tweak the spreadsheet to your liking.

Part 50 Users Handbook

- A guide to MSHA part 50 data that is referenced in the MSHA Fatality Report Description

MSHA Coding Manual

- A guide to MSHA codes that is referenced in the MSHA Fatality Report Description.


If you have questions or concerns about the MSHA Fatality Report Database, please contact: xKorky Vault at

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